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Active Transportation Alliance

Break the Gridlock

Chicago Bike Winter

League of Illinois Bicyclists

City of Chicago Bike Program

Working Bikes Cooperative

West Town Bikes

Blackstone Bicycle Works

Pilsen/Little Village Bicycle Alliance

Chicago Ghost Bikes

Monthly Rides

Midnight Marauders

F'ing Bike Club Chicago


Pilsen Mass

Wicker Park/Bucktown Critical Mass

North Side Critical Mass

Evanston Critical Mass

Oak Park Critical Mass


Commuter/ Carfree Resources

The Chicago Right Ride

Bikes at Work (trailers)

Bicycle Revolution (trailers)

Oak Park Area Cycle Commuters list

Chi-Carfree e-mail list

Chicagoland Folding Bike Society

Carfree Chicago website

Recreational Clubs

Chicago Cycling Club

Oak Park Cycle Club

Evanston Bicycle Club

The Blue Island Bicycle Club

The Windy City Cycling Club

UIC College of Cycling

Chicago Roadies e-mail list

Find a Bike

Chicago Bike Shop List

Working Bikes Cooperative

Boulevard Bikes

The Chicago Stolen Bike Registry

Bobby's Bike Hike (rentals)

Exercise Bike Reviews

which exercise bike

Bike Chicago (rentals)


Cycling Sisters

The Hub Housing Cooperative

The Handlebar Bar and Grill

Bike-Friendly Housing

West Town Bikes

exercise after giving blood

News and Events

Mike Bentley's Illinois Bike Rides page

League of Illinois Bicyclists announcement listserv


Chicago Bike Scene

The Rat Patrol

Chicago Freak Bike Page

Bike Salute!


Chicago Bike Route advice list

Bike Chicago Listserv

Mr. Bike's Urban Cycling info center

Bikesound Listserv

Chicago Fixed Gear Forum

The Chainlink



George the Cyclist

Bike Curious

Chicago Bike Blog


Hydraulic Salamander (StL.)

Slow Motion Revolution

Lawyer Jim

Chicago Bike Law

John Greenfield's Vote with your Feet


Triple-X Racing


Advocacy/Charity Events

The Cowalunga Ride

The Boulevard Lakefront Tour

OPCC Wright Ride

The Michigander

Bike the Drive


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